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BACSE System

A Complete ERP solution that manages FA (Fixed Assets), AR (Accounts Receivable), AP (Accounts Payable), COA (Chart of Accounts), multi branch and multi department. Transactions including CI (Customer Invoice), SI (Supplier Invoice), DN (Debit Note), CN (Credit Note), RV (Receipt Voucher), PV (Payment Voucher) and JV (Journal Voucher), matching receipts and payments for customer invoices, supplier invoices, debit notes and credit notes. Data can be exported to a group of comma separated values files in one click. All transactions can be printed and filed. All standard accounting reports can be generated easily and quickly, reports include GL (General Ledger), TB (Trial Balance), Expenses, Customer and supplier Ageing, Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet. Fixed Assets management is simple and easy, the user enters the basic asset information (purchase date, price, and asset life in months, sale/disposal date and sale price), all relevant accounts and General Ledger entries are automatically generated, including monthly depreciation. The system provides the ability to print the assets list at any specific month end. Customer and supplier ageing are generated taking into consideration the customer/supplier credit period, customer receipts and credit notes are matched against invoices and debit notes, whereas supplier invoices and credit notes are matched against payments and debit notes. The system comes with a typical chart of accounts that the user can use as a starting point and add account groups and accounts as needed.

Platforms: WinXP , Windows XP

System requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, Microsoft SQL Server CE 3.5 SP2

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Download BACSE System
BACSE System

Tags: Erp, Accounting, Fixed, Assets, Accounts, Payable, Receivable, Chart, Branches, Departments, Customer, Invoice, Supplier, Debit, Note, Credit, Receipt, Voucher, Payment, Journal, General, Ledger, Trial, Balance, Expenses, Ageing

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Download BACSE System
BACSE System
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Download BACSE System
BACSE System
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