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Backup Cow

Backup Cow can configure your networked computers into a private cloud that acts as your private dropbox. You can backup, synchronize, encrypt and share your files across LAN or Internet/Intranet. Any network users can choose to be a cloud storage contributor or consumer or both! Build internal cloud storage by making good use of under-utilized hard disks in your computer network. The network can be Internet, corporate Intranet, office LAN, or home network. Back up your files and folders onto the cloud computers, and automatically synchronize files between computers. If one cloud node has a malfunction, othe nodes can redo its backup tasks automatically. You can encrypt backups, and transfer data with MD5 verification. A cloud can be set with a security ID that can block unknown network users. You can download, share, and restore your backups anywhere on the network. You may also reach your files by remote access via Internet/Intranet. Cloud users can either connect together by joining a virtual network group, or connect by directly inputting counterpart's ip/domain and tcp port number. Features: Private Cloud Storage Builder - Transform network computers to be a private cloud - Self-Reparing Cloud with a dynamic server (master node) - Cloud users can decide whether they share their under-utilized diskspace as cloud storage or not. Any users can be either a cloud storage contributor or consumer or both! Reliable Backup Tool - Back up your files and folders to available cloud nodes - Backup copy quantity can be increased to any number - Duplicate backup copies of each file will never locate on a same cloud node - Redo backup tasks automatically in the cloud if a cloud node has a malfunction File Syncronization - Monitor any changes in source files or folders for each backup item - Automatically synchronize the sources files and backups - Automatic scheduling can be any desired time intervals Backup Encryption - Encrypt backups with a pre-set password - Encrytion passowrd is required for cloud users to obtain encrypted files Restore Files Anywhere - Restore all files and folders on any cloud user computers - Check file availability in the cloud Network Backup Solutions - Back up your computer files to the private cloud via LAN (Local Area Network) or Internet/Intranet - Cloud nodes (or users) can connect together either by LAN, or joining a virtual netowrk group, or direct remote access (inputting ip/domain and tcp port number) Easy File Search and Access - Search all backups and sources files with a powerful filter - Download or obtain files from any cloud nodes - View each file's detailed information including its owner and location Cloud User Privacy Users can make their files invisible and inaccessible to other cloud users. (in both File Search and Restore sections) Cloud Security and Identity - Only allow computers with a same security ID number to connect together to form a cloud - Build several independent clouds in the same network by using differnet ID numbers Data Transfer Viewer and Management - View real-time data transfer status - Adjust download/upload speed, simultaneous file amount - Pause, stop or resume any data transfer or backup tasks - Increase data reliability with MD5 file verification - Forbid data transfer to any remote locations

Platforms: WinXP , Windows Vista , Windows Vista x64 , Windows XP , Windows7 , Windows 7 x64

System requirements: Not specified

Price: $17.00

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Download Backup Cow
Backup Cow

Tags: File Backup, Folder Synchronizer, Backup Cloud, Backup, Encrypt, Synchronizer

Backup Cow user reviews

  • 24 November, 2016 18:18

    I like the way the software worked. Very effective for backup files to multiple destinations same time. Fast backup speed, does not take much system resources. I am a happy customer.

  • 30 December, 2014 18:03

    Backup Cow is a perfect app for keeping backup of important files.

  • 14 September, 2014 21:19

    This sync backup software looks like dropbox. Pretty cool!

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Download Backup Cow
Backup Cow
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Download Backup Cow
Backup Cow
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