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aiCurrency 1.2.0

aiCurrency (full name: Android Currency) is a currency converter for 203 currencies. It uses exchange rates by Yahoo Finance, National Bank of Ukraine and European Central Bank. It provides wide range of features...automatically updated exchange rates, multiple currency conversions, course dynamics for the last 90 days, desired decimal precision (from 0 to 5 decimals). The currency converter is simple to use: select the required currencies with drop-down menus and aiCurrency does the conversion automatically. The currency converter allows you to examine the rate of exchange for the last three months from the date of the last update. Such a wide range of services will be helpful everyday. Feature list: * Layout updates for Android 2.0 * Ukraine, Russian Language added * Automatically updated exchange rates * 203 world-wide currency support * User friendly and finger oriented interface * National flags for countries * Search for the currency by it abbreviation or country * Extract currency exchange rates for past periods of time * Exchange rate statistics for the last 90 days * Desired decimal precision (from 0 to 5 decimals) * Support multiple currencies conversion * Advanced financial chart types are used to show exchange rates dynamics * Scrollable exchange rates graphs * Portrait and Landscape orientation support * Manual exchange rate modification * Integrated calculator * Prevent internet usage when not connected to WiFi * Online activation

Platforms: Android

System requirements: Android Cupcake 1.5 and higher

Added: 15 December, 2012 File size: 655.0 KB
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Download aiCurrency 1.2.0
aiCurrency 1.2.0

Tags: Currency Converter, Currency Exchange Rate, Currency Calculator, Online Currency, Forex, Yahoo Finance, Europe Central Bank

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Download aiCurrency 1.2.0
aiCurrency 1.2.0
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