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Determine whether your device is compromised. Downloads 18  Views 641

The free GEARS tool allows home users and IT professionals to easily monitor the current state of their device and improve overall device security. Users can monitor their installed security applications and their status, including antivirus,...



22.6 MB freeware 03 August, 2014
Scan endpoints for malware Downloads 31  Views 413

Powered by OPSWAT's Metadefender Core technology, Metadefender Client is a lightweight tool that enables multi-scanning of endpoints for viruses, keyloggers and other malware. Metadefender Client is ideal for quickly scanning endpoints prior to a...

9.4 MB freeware 22 May, 2016
Metadefender Endpoint Management checks the device for security configuration and malware infection using over 10 anti-malware engines. Downloads 30  Views 1060

Metadefender Endpoint Management (MEM) leverages the OESIS Framework to verify the security and compliance posture of endpoint devices via static analysis. MEM also exposes APIs to enable third party solutions to consume and react to reported...

6.9 MB freeware 10 December, 2016
Metadefender Cloud Client is a free malware analysis tool that investigates the sanity of your system. It uses 40+ anti-malware engines, anti-malware log file analysis, and multiple IP reputation sources to identify any potential threats on a device. Downloads 20  Views 316

Metadefender Cloud Client is the most thorough free malware analysis tool available. A lightweight tool, it scans endpoints for viruses, keyloggers, and other malware. Metadefender Cloud Client performs a deep endpoint forensic analysis for...

16.3 MB freeware 02 August, 2017
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