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M Icon Editor 3.45 Professional tool to create and edit windows desktop icons, designed especial for windows software developers. With M Icon Editor you can perform all common operation with icon you need to change, or create new icon from begin to end.


Network Icons Pack 1.10 Update your network applications and activities with an abundance of high-quality network icons, offered in five size specifications, with transparency, and different formats. This icon collection includes network management, users, server, etc...


iCollections 3.7 iCollections - Organise your Mac desktop


DataBase Icons Pack 1.10 Database icons helps to make database software and Web sites look more presentable. There are icons designed by our drawing team in different formats . This icon collection includes record management, navigation, search, export, sorting and others.


Business Icons Pack 1.10 Business Icon Pack helps to make business software and Web sites look more presentable. There are icons designed by our drawing team in different formats. This icon collection includes money clip art, credit cards, dollar, banknote and other icons.


Toolbar Icons Pack 1.10 Give your application or website a great look using a different kind of professional-quality icons for toolbars. Toolbar Icons Pack will help you to visualize the standard actions and give a unique look to your application. The ready-made solution.


ScreenBackTracker for Mac ScreenBackTracker saves compressed pictures of the desktop every time you click the mouse left button, therefore recording your past activities that you can consult fast and easy in a slide show fashion.


EasyDraw 2018 Software anntations of images. Easily add annotations such as texts or frameworks. International languages.


XWidget 1.96 XWidget is a Free desktop customization platform. It's light, handy with powerful visual widget editor and very smooth animations.


VanDyke ClientPack for Windows, Mac and UNIX 8.1.3 Command-line utilities for secure automation.


Shell & Desktop Enhancements

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