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Log analyzer for proxy log files.

Proxy Log Explorer is the fastest and most powerful analysis application for monitoring the efficiency corporate Internet usage of your Proxy server. Proxy Log Explorer creates dynamic reports on-the-fly. Also, you can easily get virtually any...

6.1 MB shareware 02 September, 2014 01:42
Convert your photo galleries to Android apps

Gallery App Creator simply lets you convert your images and photo galleries into native Android apps. You may brand the app with your own icon and app name. A text caption may be displayed along each image. You can play an audio file alongside...

31.3 MB freeware 02 September, 2014 01:41
Displaying-editing-printing hypertext docs

TRichView for C++Builder is a suite of native C++Builder components for displaying, editing and printing hypertext documents. Components support various character attributes (fonts, subscripts/superscripts, colored text background, custom drawn)....

66.3 MB shareware 02 September, 2014 01:40
All-in-one multi-folder structure manager

Automatically select, copy, delete, and rename existing or create new multiple folder structures. No programming required. Use Folder templates to create or copy folder structures defined in text files. View, edit or export-import...

1.1 MB shareware 02 September, 2014 01:39
Fix NTFS hard drives and partitions

NTFS Recovery Wizard fixes NTFS hard drives and partitions completely automatically. A simple wizard recovers lost and deleted files and restores problem-free disk operation in a few easy, automated steps. No need to know anything about the disks...

7.6 MB shareware 02 September, 2014 01:38
A website builder to create website

Website Realizer, a website builder, lets you build websites just by dragging and dropping images, media, and effects, then adding your own text, all in the comfort of an intuitive WYSIWYG editor! There's no programming knowledge needed, since...

71.9 MB shareware 02 September, 2014 01:37
Employee Monitoring Software for Company.

OsMonitor monitoring software was designed for LAN monitoring and employee monitoring. You can find every detail about your employees' PC and Internet usage on server. OsMonitor is the powerful employee monitoring software for companies in all...

4.3 MB shareware 02 September, 2014 01:36
Ultimate Webmaster Search/Replace Tool

TextPipe is the ultimate Webmaster tool for updating text. It handles an unlimited number of files and folders, and is unique in handling files of unlimited size. It performs one or more changes AT THE SAME TIME, and can search for MULTI-LINE text...

10.4 MB shareware 02 September, 2014 01:35
RationalPlan Multi Project software

RationalPlan Multi Project by Stand By Soft is a powerful project management software designed to assist project managers in developing plans, allocating resources, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workload. If you are working in...

22.1 MB shareware 02 September, 2014 01:34
Geodata International - World-wide towns

Geodata International - World-wide database of countries with georeferenced towns, municipalities, postal codes and administrative units with WGS84 and UTM coordinates and elevations for geocoding, proximity search, navigation, distance...

1.1 MB shareware 02 September, 2014 01:33
FREE fast offline HTML & CSS syntax checker

CSE HTML Validator Lite is a fast, easy to use, and free HTML & CSS development tool for Microsoft Windows that helps you create problem-free HTML (including HTML5 and CSS3) and XHTML documents. You'll be surprised how many problems may exist...

7.5 MB freeware 01 September, 2014 01:38
Create and set up an attractive banner ads

Quickly create and set up an attractive banner ad without having to use Photoshop or any graphic editing skills. Easy to navigate admin panel lets you manage your ad campaigns easily from one dashboard. User-friendly interface makes it easy to...

1.6 MB freeware 01 September, 2014 01:37
Create without effort and programming skills

Create without effort and programming skills their own pictures gallery for the Web. Images The gallery is automatically sorted by landscape and portrait format. All images are converted to aine designated size. The formats " GIF ",...

8.2 MB demo 01 September, 2014 01:35
Free, small and fast office software

Free office suite provided by WPS Office(formerly Kingsoft Office) is a practical alternative to expensive office software. WPS Office lets you view, create and share office documents that are fully compatible with MS Office. The newly released...

63 B freeware 01 September, 2014 01:33
Fully featured, cross-platform text processor

The NOV Rich Text Editor is a fully featured, cross-platform text processor which aims to deliver fast and robust text and document processing abilities to your applications. It is not 'Just Another Text Processor' as NOV Rich Text Editor was...

80.0 MB shareware 01 September, 2014 01:32
Increase PC performance, enhance PC stability

PC TuneUp Maestro easily and safely improves slow computer performance while eliminating system errors and crashes by offering a variety of simple but powerful push-button maintenance and optimization tools. System Registry Scan & Clean...

1.1 MB shareware 01 September, 2014 01:31
Remote recovery lost digital photos.

The program searches for the location of the digital photos on the specified physical or logical disk. For this it uses internal formats of us placed devices (cameras), in the body of the photo file. FomSoft Photo Recovery allows you to search for...

151.1 KB shareware 01 September, 2014 01:30
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Latest Reviews
  • Cute Screen Recorder Free 1.700 01 September, 2014 12:03

    It's very good for making video tutorials, highly customizable and it's really free!

  • TDMore DVD Converter 31 August, 2014 12:19

    The conversion of this DVD took just under 12 minutes – nice and fast!

  • CE CALC - Surveying Calculator 1.0 30 August, 2014 12:06

    Can not install for some reason. Using WIN 7 Pro.

  • Magnum Opus Crosswords++ 20131111 28 August, 2014 12:38

    All the puzzles contain ads. The writer of this program does not declare that. He makes money from ads every time you click to ask for a clue ads are shown.

  • Chat4Support Operator 26 August, 2014 12:23

    Chat4support is an easy and powerful software for me to live chat with website visitors and monitor their footprints. After that, customers feel satisfied with our service and they are willing to purchase more products on my sites.

  • E2M Character Convertor 9.0 24 August, 2014 11:26

    I like this very much. Very easy to type Marathi with this program.

  • EKTS 1.0 23 August, 2014 10:56

    EKTS is very easy to use, please kindly include temperature control and water level control if you can.

  • PCBooster Free Duplicates Remover 7.3.5 21 August, 2014 11:55

    This program works well with my PC, and is definitely worth downloading.

  • eCabinet Systems 6.0 20 August, 2014 10:34

    Really loved this program. Great to have it.

  • GSP5 5.3 19 August, 2014 11:57

    It's very helpful for teaching and learning mathematics.

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